M-TIBA hits 500k users, surpasses over Ksh 100m in medical payouts

Mobile health insurance firm M-TIBA has today announced it has registered over 500,000 users on its mobile health platform, allowing users to send, save, receive and pay for healthcare services using their mobile phones.

The firm added it has recorded over 60,000 clinic visits and over Sh. 100,000,000 million in medical payouts since its launch in September last year and has a growing network of over 350 M-TIBA healthcare facilities across the country. M-TIBA says it sees over 4,000 people sign ups a day.

According to Kees van Lede, Chief Executive Officer, CarePay Ltd, the firm behind M-Tiba, “Hitting the half a million mark is a first milestone in rolling out M-TIBA across Kenya. By restricting the funds in the platform’s individual wallets to healthcare only, people have more money available when struck with illness. It is encouraging to see a gradual reduction in out-of-pocket expenses. This is an important step towards greater healthcare inclusion.”

M-TIBA users can save funds into their own wallets, accessing them quickly in the event of sickness, or to pay for preventive care. They can receive money from caregivers and donors, who can be certain that the money will be used for health only. This means less time for an illness to progress and a quicker return to health and productivity.

With over 60,000 clinic visits and over Sh. 100,000,000 million in medical payouts, and over 350 M-TIBA healthcare facilities across the country, the M-TIBA is the biggest mobile health insurance platform in Africa. Facility sign up teams are currently in Nyanza and Western.

Bob Collymore, CEO, Safaricom, an M-TIBA partner said, “The growth in M-TIBA users has surpassed our expectations. The majority of Kenyans are excluded from mainstream health insurance schemes. M-TIBA empowers them to take care of their own healthcare and rollover their savings from month to month. It is providing long term benefits to individual customers and the entire healthcare sector.”

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