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What is M-TIBA?

M-TIBA is a service on your mobile phone that allows anyone to send, save and spend funds specifically for medical treatment. Money stored in M-TIBA can only be used to pay for treatment and medication at our partner clinics and hospitals. M-TIBA uses the internationally recognized ‘SafeCare’ standards to monitor the quality of care available at these facilities. Saving for your relatives, friends or staff assures you that they can visit a licensed healthcare facility of choice whenever they need to, empowering them to lead a healthy life. Funds stored in M-TIBA are managed by UAP Insurance.

How To Get Started


Dial *253# and choose How To Top-Up to invite your beneficiary to register.


Send funds to M-PESA PayBill 500066, your beneficiary’s phone number as the Account Nr.


Dial *253# and choose Find Clinic to locate a M-TIBA provider to get treated.

Dial *253# and choose Register to register to M-TIBA


Set funds aside in M-PESA by sending funds to M-PESA PayBill 300066, MTIBA as the Account No.


Dial *253# and choose Find Clinic to locate a M-TIBA provider to get treated

Why Use M-TIBA

Partnering Providers

Your beneficiaries can choose from a wide range of healthcare providers accepting M-TIBA payments. Currently, M-TIBA is present in Nairobi, Central and Mount Kenya regions and quickly expanding to others regions. Click here to locate an M-TIBA provider near you.

Quality Monitoring

All our partner providers are supported to pursue quality improvement through the internationally recognized SafeCare standards.

Saving Scheme

M-TIBA enables users to save and accumulate funds that can be used to mitigate a health emergency. Users receives a top-up bonus of 50 Ksh each month when they save a minimum of 100 Ksh into their M-TIBA. M-TIBA offers a free personal Accident Cover up to KES 8,000. T&C apply.

Empower Others

Use M-TIBA to empower your relatives, friends and staff to visit a doctor when they need to, sooner rather than later. Send money to their M-TIBA and kick start them save for healthcare, so they no longer need to rely on fundraising for health emergencies.

Sustainable Development Goals

M-TIBA’s goal of deepening healthcare inclusion in Kenya is enabling realization of sustainable development goals.

No Extra Cost

Registering onto M-TIBA is free. Saving in your own M-TIBA from your M-PESA is free of charge. However, sending money to the M-TIBA of another person attracts the normal M-PESA Pay Bill transaction fees.

Product Descriptions

M-TIBA savings product

A mobile based health wallet that enables one to save money for self and others for use at accredited service providers.

Donor Funds Management

We create transparency and accountability for multiple donor programs for healthcare in Kenya

Corporate Fund Management

We help employers to manage the healthcare cost for their employees and manage on-site clinics.

Public and Private Insurance

We partner with governments and insurers to provide citizens with the means to pay for and access affordable healthcare.


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