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Would you like to help your friends and relatives to save for their healthcare? Introduce them to M-TIBA now:

What is M-TIBA?

M-TIBA is a service on your mobile phone that allows anyone to send, save and spend funds specifically for medical treatment. Money stored in M-TIBA can only be used to pay for treatment and medication at our partner clinics and hospitals. M-TIBA uses the internationally recognized ‘SafeCare’ standards to monitor the quality of care available at these facilities. Saving for your relatives, friends or staff assures you that they can visit a licensed healthcare facility of choice whenever they need to, empowering them to lead a healthy life. Funds stored in M-TIBA are managed by UAP Insurance.

How To Get Started

How to send funds to others on M-TIBA


Dial *253# and choose How To Top-Up to invite your beneficiary to register.


Send funds to M-PESA PayBill 500066, your beneficiary’s phone number as the Account Nr.


Dial *253# and choose Find Clinic to locate a M-TIBA provider to get treated.

Dial *253# and choose Register to register to M-TIBA


Set funds aside in M-PESA by sending funds to M-PESA PayBill 300066, MTIBA as the Account No.


Dial *253# and choose Find Clinic to locate a M-TIBA provider to get treated

Why Use M-TIBA

Partnering Providers

Your beneficiaries can choose from a wide range of healthcare providers accepting M-TIBA payments. Currently, M-TIBA is present in Nairobi, Central and Mount Kenya regions and quickly expanding to others regions. Click here to locate an M-TIBA provider near you.

Quality Monitoring

All our partner providers are supported to pursue quality improvement through the internationally recognized SafeCare standards.

Saving Scheme

Illness often comes unexpected. M-TIBA enables users to save regularly and to accumulate funds that can be used to mitigate a health emergency. Users receives a top-up bonus of 50 Ksh each month when they save a minimum of 100 Ksh into their M-TIBA.

Empower Others

Use M-TIBA to empower your relatives, friends and staff to visit a doctor when they need to, sooner rather than later. Send money to their M-TIBA and kick start them save for healthcare, so they no longer need to rely on fundraising for health emergencies.

Personal Accident cover

M-TIBA offers a free Personal Accident cover up to KES 8,000. Terms and conditions apply.

No Extra Cost

Registering onto M-TIBA is free. Saving in your own M-TIBA from your M-PESA is free of charge. However, sending money to the M-TIBA of another person attracts the normal M-PESA Pay Bill transaction fees.


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